100 Days Training Program

Hi, I am Gergely 'Gee' Kovacs and I am here to help You transform your body from obese to slim & fit in only 100 days so you can have your dream body in a few months.

Have you ever struggled for the body what you had always dreamed about? Have you failed to achieve it or failed to maintain it? Have you ever quit dieting? Do you desire to get your dream body?  

As I remember, in my whole life I was suffering from being overweight. I was embrassed and humiliated in my whole life, especially in my childhood. In my later teenages I had managed to lose some weight but I always regained. Usualy I was heavier by the end of the diet than before. It is so horrible to live a life like this. Failure and Failure all the time...

I know You know what I'm talking about. Those who suffer from being overweight constantly - know what I am talking about.

I know how it feels like being a disgusting taboo for the girls. I know how it feels when you don't want to go to the beach because you don't want to take off your t-shirt. I know how it feels when you take it off, and think that every laugh you hear around you is for you.

But I have found a solution: I felt hunger for knowing the secret of everlasting weight loss and get this result in a short time. I've studied diets, workouts, nutrition science, personal training and psychology for years, read thousands of pages and countless amount of books about these topics. By the end and by the knowledge of a complete prof. of this topic I created the 100 Days Training Program. This is a concrete Diet and Workout plan - I created it by the knowledge of years. And Who was the first one to try? Absolutely me! I've done it! It woked! It works! 

The past is the past...And here is the new World for You! 

The past does not equal the future. So whatever diet you tried in the past, whatever workout plan you followed in the past and whatever motivation and attitude you had in the past… That is the past. It’s gone. Today is the day of starting something new in your life. A new life is waiting for you. Your new slim & fit body is on the way. You just need to follow my instructions for only 100 days. Are you ready to transform your body? Are you ready to change your life?  

I've found the solution for you. And I've tried it for you. IT WORKS! What is it? 100 DAYS TRAINING PROGRAM Body transformation workout and diet plan

  •  It gives you everlasting result
  •  ...so there is no yoyo effect
  •  Doesn't require expensive foods 
  •  Doesn't require supplements
  •  You will have everlasting results!


Don't say tomorrow! TRANSFORM YOUR BODY NOW! I put all the informations and instructions you need to follow in one book to change your body and your life for ever!

Buy this e-book and you will have the complete, and exact diet plan and workout plan... 

...In it for the next 100 days and I guarantee that Your Life will never be the same again!


If you buy the 100 days training pogram e-book I am going to add the following gifts for you:

  • Easy2make 90 receipes book for the nutrition plan 
  • Easy2make 30 receipes calorie free dessert book after the 100 days
  • Easy Do Your Diet Booklet
  • 5 steps to learn running Booklet
  • Regular online contact in case you need help
  • 100 % money back guarantee (WEIGHT LOSS GUARANTEE!!)



"The road to someday leads to town of nowhere."

The book comes with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.

This price is so cheap comparing to what you could spend on magical pills, personal trainers and special foods. This price is so cheap comparing to the unhappy, unfulfilled life that you may live.

TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW! Change you life now!